It started as an idea; how to cook inspiring food by day in order to sleep tight at night!

The solution was quite simple, finding the ideal location took was more challenging. After several months of phone calls, discussions, visits and a dose of disappointment, 468 rue Vanderkindere came our way…

Six years later, and an additional six staff members from New York to Japan and France to Turkey, Mica has come of age. Our desire is to use the wealth of our individual cultural and culinary experiences to bring new tastes, textures and ingredients to your plates. Our menus change on a daily basis and we offer a large variety of organic vegetable dishes, salads, meat and poultry as well as fish soups and desserts. The majority of our ingredients are organic and our seasonings come from all over the world. 

Our staff is constantly hungry for something new! As hunger fuels creativity, our brainstorming for new ideas and taste combinations is our form of renewable energy. So, whether you are looking for a healthy lunch or are planning a festive occasion, Mica has just the right menu in store.